A bad 2017 for humans

The bad news for humans is that fighting and warfare will not cease during 2017 — nor, probably, for decades afterwards.  The reason is that we are killers between cultures as much as we are peacemakers within them. The territorial imperative — the million year-olds instinct to protect a food getting region, and now jobs — is as string as ever.

Our recently developed gene-editing techniques cannot remove the ‘violent’ gene involved because it will be shared among many scores, perhaps hundreds, of other genes.  It’s a case of “be careful what you wish for” because it would introduce unknown complexities into behaviour of normal assertiveness.  The only way that fighting and warfare can be reduced is when politicians learn about human instincts from anthropologists and evolutionary biologists and start to re-organize the shape and size of our organisations.

Human nature can never be manipulated by genetic engineering but organisation can be by attending to their constitutions.  That, unfortunately, is still more than two or three generations away yet.

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