Why tea is femmo while coffee is macho

Two contenders for the most populist drink for all age groups. In the advanced countries they are highly similar — they both contain caffeine, the stimulative ingredient. Yet there is a substantial price difference. Young tea leaves can be harvested continually during most of a growing season whereas coffee beans can only be plucked at a peak moment in their career and those don’t happen as often as their growers would frequently like.

Then try the drinking test by pouring a fresh cup of each and waiting until their temperatures are just right for sipping and then drinking. You find that tea, being a thin liquid, slips down below the perfect temperature all too quickly and then it’s too cold. Coffee on the other hand, being a more viscous drink, allows many more opportunities to sip at perfect or near perfect temperatures.

At this stage a new blog could be budded to explain the variable cultures that have developed in the last 300 years between men and women drinkers, and the young and the old, and the respite times they had in their daily routines. But the above is enough to be going on with today.

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