Some questions from Arthur Cordell

Keith, let’s all come back in 100 years and see what happened.

Q> “Did we run out of oil?”
A> Unlikely, if we include shale oil and gas among it.

Q> “Was global warming “for real”?”
A> We’re certainly into a warm spell. But whether it’s different from about a dozen that preceded us in the last 10,000 years remains to be seen.

Q> “And where did digital technology bring mankind?”
A> To the stage where a great deal of muscular work – though not all – is done by machines.

Q> “Did people still “go to work”? ”
A> Most definitely. Most people need to attend a ‘work group’ every day in order to face a joint challenge under a leader who issues instructions and gives advices from the top rank of he pecking order.

Q> “What do people “do” when work is no longer needed and automation has pretty much taken over?” A> With full automation, there will always be new algorithms to be devised and software written in order to compete for trade with other groups all round the world. Some work will always be done by humans — our bodies being the best designed engines for some tasks. When automation has pretty much taken over people will still always want to meet in groups on a daily basis purely for social enjoyment and also raising and teaching children.

Q> “Will work be something that people vie for as a way to be creative and structure their days?”
A> Creativity is a long spectrum within any generation and high creativity is rare. However, everybody but everybody has a huge need for daily society and, in any healthy group, there is also a residual challenge, no matter how low key that may be.

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