Economics enters a spooky world

Despite the fact that the Law of Least Effort has proved itself whenever tested — with very great precision — there are those who say that it cannot apply to the great world of manufacturing and trading outside the scientist’s lab. After all, decisions of government economists are constantly interfering with its state of being every day, indeed every hour of the day. How can the economic world be a model of a mechanical system that always finds its level of least effort , or use of energy.

Unless we attribute some sort of spiritual inputs into the minds of economists when they are considering economic quandaries, then the larger world of manufacturing and trading is only a larger mechanical version — admittedly a much larger version — of what is going on outside the scientists’ experiments in the lab. But this makes the larger world no different from the deliberations of scientists inside the lab and consequent.

It’s a spooky concept perhaps but it’s only part of the new science of quantum physics into which scientists are entering carefully — and also which economics must now enter if it is ever to become a scientific discipline.

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