Nigel Farage, Ambassador to the United States?

“Over my dead body”, says Sir Jeremy Heywood, Head of the Cabinet Office. Mind you, his reply would have been confined to his colleagues — a cluster of about five or six other senior civil servants, heads of the important departments, individuals who’ve known one another for 40 years ever since Oxford and Cambridge as undergraduates. Together, they make up an informal group who meet and lunch together frequently.

They are very much an indissoluble part of the British Government no matter what political parties are in power and have a major say in all legislation as well as having immense regulatory responsibilities of their own — including that of choosing ambassadors. With one ir two very rare exceptions the choice of British Ambassadors to the United States has always been regarded their perk

Nigel Farage himself would have chuckled as much as the mandarins over this suggestion but he would have known that a suggestion coming straight from the mouth of the American President-elect would have been the most laughable of them all.

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