What will the UK Supreme Court decide?

Now that the nation, albeit narrowly, has voted for Brexit strong voices against leaving the EU have just won a case in the UK Supreme Court. After a decision by a panel of three justices, the consequence is that the full court — 11 justices — will meet again on 5 December to make a definitive decision as to whether the referendum decision should stand all by itself or whether leaving the EU needs an additional Parliamentary decision — a new Act in fact.

That remains to be seen. UK Supreme Court, being relatively new — only seven year ago compared with the 200 year-old US Supreme Court and still relatively fragile — will carefully watch the shaping up of decisions of MPs in the meantime.

If the MPs look as though they’re in favour of Parliamentary approval but that, all the same, a majority of the House of Commons will want the referendum decision to stand then the Supreme Court will almost certainly vote in favour on both counts.

If there are any doubts about either question then it’s likely that the Court will vote to dismiss the first requirement and allow the referendum’s vote to count as a full and final Constitutional verdict.

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