The new contenders

In their continuing campaign to retain government as they know it — and enjoy it — senior politicians endeavour to keep alive the myth that economic growth of the last century was due to the growth of democratic institutions.

There are no such institutions. All of them consist of small to modestly-sized groups with pecking orders within all of them — and from which single leaders of more then usual social ability and intelligence emerge. In organisations that are large enough and which persist for long enough, group leaders become single leaders again.

All these leaders, and their attendant institutions don’t just float into positions of power and influence. They all have to contend with previous holders of power. Thus industrialists of the 19th century displaced the previous aristocracy, followed in turn by being displaced by trade unions, followed much more recently by entrepreneurs well educated in science and engineering.

Scientists and engineers. Are they the beginnings of a new power class? Probably. There seem to be no other likely contenders currently in the market place.

4 thoughts on “The new contenders

  1. I hope you are right, Keith. At the same time, notice the rise of religious fundamentalism globally. That is abetted by an average birth rate several times higher than by the sci-tech class. Let’s hope that information technology can help open the eyes of many young people brought up with Middle Age values.

    1. Steve,

      I’m not sure that religious fundamentalism is growing world-wide. Large families in Africa, yes, but I see the European countries become increasingly brutal in keeping Africans out. In advanced countries TFR continues to decline while the better-off 20% are now increasing their family size. .

  2. Add to this the financial class, hedge funds, etc. From this group are appointed cabinet level politicians. Engineers and scientists may be important but the ruling class is still motivated by $$$

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