To those wonderful home carers

After over a month’s stay in hospital I am now back at home, looked after my partner Jan and also two home carers selected each day from a long list of trained home carers supervised by Care South. Each carer spends 45 minutes here either in the morning or at bedtime, keeping me clean and dealing with some intimate aspects of body care I can no longer physically manage — and will not mention in detail here!

In age — most of them are women — they range from younger than 18 year-olds to some approaching their 60s. In size between skinny and the well-endowed, they are all fit and sturdy enough to hold me when I’m in danger of falling. There is one characteristic of all of them which I have never met before. They all love their jobs — and they say this with an exuberance which cannot be doubted.

One of them searched for me on the net and discovered All is Status. I am now told that several of my home carers now read my blog every day and, what’s more, say they enjoy doing so. So saying, I raise my afternoon cup of tea to the wonderful body of home carers who genuinely care for their customers.

2 thoughts on “To those wonderful home carers

  1. That is fantastic, Keith! Please tell your caregivers that your friends around the world appreciate what they are doing for you. From the US, I’ll raise a glass of iced tea to them.

  2. Our society spends too much time honoring or otherwise talking about celebrities, sports stars, billionaires, etc. But way too little appreciation for those like your caregivers who keep things going, like their work and whatever they are paid, should be paid more!

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