No choice for 180 countries

All our bodily perceptions of the outside world were catered for a very long time ago by leaders of hunter-gatherer groups, or by emperors and kings or by the aristocracy or by most ordinary folk since the full playing out of the industrial revolution — approximately 1780s to the 1980s. Since then, there have been no uniquely new consumer goods. There have been hundreds of thousands of derivative consumer goods and also many improvements.

However, in recent decades it has been the case that all improvements of relatively high market value have been the products of deep scientific research — whether intentional or serendipitous. In terms of Nobel prizes, almost all this research is carried out by no more than half a dozen governments and major multinational corporations. As the trading of consumer goods is the largest component of financial activity this means the 180 countries in the world will be confined to importing and exporting low value goods and thus permanently excluded from raising their living standard until they’ve reduced their populations enormously — by 2200AD perhaps?

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