When will we see the real Theresa May?

If politics — in big government and big business — means anything at all it is about personality and its interplay.  Forget rationality or intelligence or even forcefulness, they may be add-ons but not necessarily required.  What is, is the mix of ‘personal chemistry’ (and literally so so if pheromones are further implicated in scientific investigations).

So it is already being proved to be so with the accession of Theresa May to 10 Downing Street and her reversals to, or postponements of, at least three issues already — the Hinkley Point nuclear reactor, grammar schools and the chief appointment to the BBC Trust.  They were all more or less personal decisions of David Cameron.  It’s no wonder that he’s now decided to get out of politics altogether.  There might be a long stream of further embarrassments to come had he remained in the House of Commons.

I would seem that she didn’t think too highly of Cameron when he was prime minister.  She would have known him far better we did in the outback.  But how did we view him?  Well . . . even with a degree from Oxford University he didn’t seem to be at all well-read.  When asked on an American chat show about the Magna Carta, one of this country’s primary historical documents, he evidently didn’t know what it was about.

Cameron was bright enough to pass muster in the schoolboy slanging match that often go on in Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House of Commons.  But, of course, he was just the stooge to his best friend, the real prime minister, George Osborne. The latter was definitely a politician who read widely and followed all the latest fashions in economics and management theory.

It will be fascinating to hear of further Cameron clear-ups in the coming weeks.  We’ll then see whether Theresa May has something of herself to show us.

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