Stepping it out with cannabis

If the time hasn’t been ripe for the legalisation of all hard drugs, it has surely arrived for cannabis alone as it’s beng considered again by a cross-party group of British MPs

It says that if tens of thousands of people in the country — otherwise not among social recidavists — already quietly — desperately — break the law to use the drug for relief from long term back pain, chronic anxiety and a dozen other painful symptoms, then there’s surely a case to be made. The drug should be reclassified so that doctors could prescribe it, chemist shops dispense it and individuals grow it for their own use.

The All Party Parliamentary Group took evidence from over 600 patients, representatives of the medical professions and people with knowledge of how medical cannabis was regulated — or completely unregulated — across the world. It has benefits against a wide range of diseases.

Still hard against this is the Home Office view which says there are issues of dependency and a possible link with schizophrenia in some long-term users.

Eleven European countries, Canada, Israel and half of the American states already allow medical use of cannabis. That’s surely sufficient experience on which we can reasonably safely take the next step forward.

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