Differences with the EU will be relatively trivial

According to “senior EU officials” this country will be pleading for a deal when we invoke Article 50 and start negotiations to leave the EU. But that’s only a rumour. We don’t know what they’re really thinking among themselves.

As likely as not it, will be really tough for us in the early months because they have teams of experienced negotiators who’ve been battling it out with American civil servants during the negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in the last five years.

At present we don’t have anywhere near the numbers of high level civil servants with the requisite experience but they’re being recruited, mainly from Canada and Australia. The former have a great deal of experience in negotiating the North America Free Trade Area (NAFTA), and the latter in many years of trade deals with China.

No, it won’t be us pleading with the EU when we start negotiations. It’s more likely the EU will be pleading with us because we import a great deal of the products and services of EU — even more than the high level of exports we send to the EU.

Businesses on both sides — and particularly businesses within the EU — will be very angry indeed if Britain is ‘penalised’ in any way that will affect existing levels of trade more then trivially.

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