The Japanese calling the British black

Japan has now publicly threatened Britain in quite a thick document that if we actually do leave the EU at the end of negotiations then Japanese factories (Nissan, Honda) and other investments might shift to Europe.

Well . . . I wonder. During the referendum campaign one Nissan spokesman actually said that it wouldn’t make any difference even though Nissan would have to pay a 5% tariff. He might have had his knuckles rapped back home but his comment suggests to me that the Nissan factory up in Sunderland is more than already efficient enough to survive an EU tariff barrier.

I think this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The Japanese government is just realising that its latest major attack on a declining economy — the third in the last 25 years — is already failing. The fact that we’re getting out of an increasingly failing EU economy has upset the present prime minister.

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