Trump as a wake-up call

It is of the deepest irony that the policy Trump is despised for more than anything else — building a border wall — is one that the Brussels bureaucrats would gladly adopt, were the EU’s member countries as snugly arranged as the US member states.

Compared with America’s simple topography, the shape of the EU is more like a Rorschach inkblot test. Building an equivalent border is impossible. Preventing mass immigration could only be achieved by making sure that would-be travellers don’t start out in the first place — either by voluntary decisions or by physical force.

Migration from the Middle East — and beyond — is blocked off at present with the help — or is it blackmail? — of Turkey.  Migration from Africa, whether from war-torn Eritrea, Sudan or Nigeria, or the continent more broadly, is increasing.  Until the whole coastline of north Africa is sequestered in some way by governmental agreement or militarily then migration from Africa will only increase from now onwards.

Trump may well be a dangerous President if ever elected – which is now becoming increasingly unlikely — but at least he latched onto one of the fears of at least half the electorate, something that the politicians of both America and Europe ignored.  The eruption of Trump onto the electoral scene ought to be a wake-up call that the century-old political system needs radical reform to adjust to modern circumstances.

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