Are proximanians watching us?

The discovery of Proxima B — a possible life-bearing planet — is sending many astronomers into whoops of delight. Although many other possible life-bearing planets have been discovered in recent years, Proxima B is relatively near to us, only four light years away.

It doesn’t mean being able to visit it anytime soon but it does mean that its surface can be investigated in a great deal more detail in the coming years, maybe enough to pronounce whether life does, in fact, exist there.

Given that life on planet Earth — intentionally or not — has evolved increasingly intelligent species, could the same have been happening on Proxima B? If for longer than our 4 billion years history, maybe some species of proximanians are considerably more intelligent than humans.

Perhaps proximanians have been watching us for ages, but keeping low, not wanting to reveal themselves until we’ve learned to govern ourselves a little more sensibly than we have done hitherto.

One thought on “Are proximanians watching us?

  1. I think that the origination of life is exceedingly rare, of the order of one in a trillion under favorable conditions. So earth was extremely lucky. Then there’s the probability of going beyond single-celled life. Earth itself had only bacteria for over a billion years. Add the improbability of multi-cellular life. And then conscious life. And then intelligent life. Only a few species of the 100 million or so are intelligent. Then add the improbability of technological intelligent life. Dolphins are intelligent but don’t have technology.

    That is my answer to the Fermi paradox. I believe the earth is unique in the universe in the Virgo supercluster in having life. There may be intelligent technologically advanced life elsewhere in the universe but they are too far away.

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