Oh for a sausage! — when it’s needed

I couldn’t help chuckling over a mini-story in my paper today after deciding that there was nothing in the serious stories that I wanted to comment on right now. It concerned a German who’d complained that a BMW had been driving too fast and who then attacked it. It’s incidental how he got within arm’s reach of the car afterwards, but suffice it to say that he’d done so because he inflicted a lot of damage on the car with a foot-long sausage — as German sausages are inclined to be, of course.

A trivial event? Nothing could be more so but it reminded me of another incident many years ago. For some reason a bus had careered off the road, mounted a traffic island and broke a street gas standard at its base. Gas poured from the pipework and those of us who could hear it pouring forth kept well away for fear of an explosion.

Not so the local butcher from the other ide of the road. He issued at speed from his shop with an armful of pork sausages and proceeded to stuff them down the pipe.  The hiss of escaping gas soon subsided to nothing. We could all stand around safely and chuckle over the event while we waited for the fire brigade to come along and seal the pipe properly.

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