Just about keeping the police in order

My Tory-biased morning newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, usually good for news — particularly for business news, which is why I buy it — is subject to a bit of self-censorship this morning.

In describing the death of Dalian Atkinson, a premier league soccer player of years ago, it reports that after some ttouble in the street a policemen had Tasered him he’d fallen to the ground. None of the police officers involved happened to be wearing their head-dress video cameras at the time. when they should have been, of course. All this was observed by several neighbourhood witnesses.

What the DT‘s account doesn’t mention is that Mr. Atkinson had then been kicked badly as he lay on the ground — his groans could be heard — according to one of the neighbours, Paula Quinn, albeit when appearing on BBC News. He died before arriving at hospital.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission are already investigating the case. Although it will likely find against the police — as it usually does in similar cases — it;s unlikely that the police officers concerned will be punished by their Chief Constable other than an admonishment in their records. In this way, the police are just about kept in order in this country.

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