Democracy is Dead ! — Long Live Democracy !

Vote rigging has been going on in this country for many years in quite a number of local authority elections and even a few marginal (Labour) parliamentary seats. It came into being as one of the consequences of mass immigration at the bequest of employers of cheap labour during Tony Blair’s administration in the 1990s. Postal voting fraud by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis took place on a scale that was scarcely imagined previously.

From some of the unusual results in the country in recent elections, anybody with eyes to see knew what was going on but only in one or two flagrant cases — such as Tower Hamlets in London — was the Electoral Commission (EC) brought to bear on the problem.

Unfortunately, such was the pressure of political correctness — and coming down from a high level — that even the EC gave five-star ratings even to the worst cases and, many senior police officers were quietly prevented from prosecuting — “if you know what is good for your future career”.

Sir Eric Pickles, appointed by David Cameron some three years ago, yesterday delivered a hard-hitting report with 50 recommendations which seem to cover most of the weakness during election times.

The irony is that as the present one-person-one-vote system is being made procedurally perfect, it is unable to cope with a modern economy, increasingly fragmenting into a multitude of protective practices, each looking after their own interests — including politicians (of left and right) themselves. We need totally new methods of selecting governments.

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