Two demagogues with a spark of truth in each

The Labour Party in England and the Republican Party in America are both in a state of confusion. One is led by a demagogue by accident, the other by a demagogue by conviction, but both largely the result of negligence by their respective political parties.

Strangely, although Jeremey Corbyn and Donald Trump are both replete with ideas of the last century but one — albeit opposite ones! — they have both talked of policies which are relevant today but ignored even by the Great and the Good of both of their parties.

Corbyn speaks of the plight of the poor. But perhaps not the poor so much as the plight of children who are born into poor families. Their chances of fulfilling their abilities and rising to whatever social level they deserve — social mobility — are worse today than they were a hundred years ago. And the more that automation proceeds, the more their fate will be compounded as the middling-paid jobs continue to be hollowed out.

Trump speaks of a necessary make-over of the tax system, but also of the monetary chaos by which currency exchanges stagger on in fits and starts and from which vast debts build up in the advanced governments of the world, such as America, while other governments, such as China — with at least one of its ‘pupils’, Vietnam — accrue surpluses.

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