Getting a move on with shale gas

It astonishes me that the Green Party, which is against additional man-made carbon dioxide, should also be against the fracking of shale gas. Gas-fired power stations produce electricity with half the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide as a by-product than either oil- or coal-fired power stations.

That being so, our national strategy ought to be to tap into the tremendous shale rock resources that lie beneath our feet as soon as possible. Given that greater recovery rates are being developed constantly, that a site with multiple wells need only take up two or three acres, and that our birth rate will continue to decline for a considerable time yet — due to shortage of well-paid jobs for everyone — then we should have at least 200 or 300 years’ supply of energy, or even longer, ahead of us with atmospheric carbon dioxide on a downward trend..

That being so, the payment of additional bribes to local home dwellers of proposed sites is an unfortunate, but reasonable, cost to bear, in order to get the new industry started without years more of delay.

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