It’s all to do with testosterone

The latest farce to hit the Child Sex Abuse Inquiry — as serious an investigation as can be imagined — is the resignation of its third chairman within two years. The first was retired judge Butler-Sloss in July 2014, the second was City lawyer Fiona Woolf in august 2014 and the latest one, as of yesterday, is Dame Lowell Goddard, a former judge in New Zealand.

The first two resigned after an outcry from the victims that they were too closely related to the social elite. Because the upper classes are as much implicated in sexual abuse of children quite as much as — if not more than — the ordinary male then the civil service had to look for a third candidate quite outside the British social system. The search was successful, but Dame Goddard has now suddenly resigned — without giving three months’ notice, which her contract obliged her to.

Nobody yet knows why. Perhaps she wasn’t up to a ferociously detailed job — as some are claiming — perhaps she was, simply, lonely, not yet having had the time to find a new social circle in this country. Anyhow, because she had been spending months away in Australia — some say with relatives and friends — this caused the most recent outcry.

Victims, who have been waiting for years to have their cases, and their abusers, made public, are now suggesting that there are several who would make excellent chairmen — that is, not frightened of questioning upper class individuals when necessary.

And this will be necessary from time to time because, physiologically, the more socially and politically powerful an individual is the more that testosterone naturally — automatically — flows in his blood stream. And we know where that leads.

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