The lost opportunity for sport

So the International Olympic Committee, which had the chance of banning the whole Russian team — additional to track and field eventers — from taking part in the Rio Olympics, lost its bottle. By leaving the decision to each sport’s Federation, athletes from other countries can never be sure whether any Russians they’ll be competing with are doped or not

It’s been a bad decision which probably means that there’ll be no chance of drug-free international sports events from now onwards.  Also, never mind the longer term dangers that drugs impose on the individual health of the athletes themselves, it is much more seriously part of the continuing exploitation of sport as a spectator-heavy business with far wider health penalties for all concerned.

One thought on “The lost opportunity for sport

  1. IOC is corrupt. Olympics is all about $$$. The site is polluted. Countries should not go. Ironically Russians will be the only one to miss the Zika virus.

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