An Anglo-French absurdity

Scores of thousands of British holidaymakers and thousands of .lorries are now stuck in a traffic jam which is 11 lanes wide at the port of Dover and 3 lanes wide stretching for many miles into Kent. Some were stuck all Friday might and didn’t get onto the ferries until later yesterday. Many won’t get away until later today and many not until Monday. Many are stuck with young children in the car and all are short of food and water.

Supposedly, the cause is the terror alert in Europe. But why should this mean that French customs officials are only servicing one lane at a time? It’s also the peak holiday season for the Brits. Is not this the best time to make a pay claim? Then again it could be revenge by French trade unions for this country voting to leave the EU. Or could it be pique by President Hollande because our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, made her introduction to Angela Merkel before him?

At all events, no-one seems capable to resolving this absurd situation.  Not even our Mrs. Thatcher 2.  We used to fight wars for far less provocation than this — particularly with the French

One thought on “An Anglo-French absurdity

  1. Recall Jean-Luc Godard’s film Le Weekend, with its massive traffic jams. That wasn’t the major plot, but it stuck with me as part of the absurdity of the story.

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