Obama still hasn’t got it

When talking of the latest racial shooting in Baton Rouge, it’s no use President Obama talking of “love” and “hatred”. These are emotions that are only applicable between two individuals. They have no place in racial relationships. The latter are group phenomena and the appropriate words to be used are “acceptance” and “rejection”.

How much, and in what circumstances, does one group accept one or more individuals of another racial group?  Indeed, prejudices can exist between two cultural groups within one racial group where sufficient behavioural differences are perceived.  For example, between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland, or Sunnis and Shias in Iraq.

Groups of mixed race or culture exist quite happily if there’s a predominant common objective — say in a factory work gang or a professional association or even in a police patrol.  In their leisure time, however, where individuals of each race or culture want to exercise their full repertoire of behaviour — as genetically and epigenetically inherited — then relationships between different groups can vary between wariness and aggression.

Even if Obama understood what the problem is in America, then stateside sensitivities would prevent the national imposition of best police practice. The solution will have to await states adopting sensible police practices one by one. That may take a very long time in the case of the poor states with low quality leadership.

One thought on “Obama still hasn’t got it

  1. Interesting and important insight. The idea is not to love or hate one another. It is to accommodate and respect the laws of the land. Love and hate are issues for the intimate. Accommodate and respect for the other and existing laws seems a more common sense approach.

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