Beautiful girls and the social elite

Women libbers are to be applauded for the immense courage and stamina they’ve shown over the past century and a half in overcoming male superiority that had become deeply entrenched during the agrarian revolution of the last 10,000 years.

Males in the advanced countries don’t appreciate just what an effort this has been unless they consider the outrageous behaviour that is still going on in Muslim and Hindu countries and no doubt others where religious superstitions and male religious leaders still hold sway.

In the advanced post-industrial world there are still some pockets that remain to be tidied up but, by and large, the battle has been won.

There are, however, a couple of important asymmetries between males and females which women libbers are in denial about — or, rather, not so much in denial but are as yet unaware of. At least, to my knowledge, they’re not yet being taken seriously.

One concerns unequal brain development as mentioned in my previous posting and which I don’t need to discuss further here. The other is the fact of the high genetic correlation between beauty and brains. In my newspaper this morning there is a photo of Carina Tyrell, a former Miss England and also Miss World runner-up, shown cycling to her graduation ceremony at Cambridge University where she obtained a 1sr class degree in medicine.

But beautiful girls don’t necessarily have to work hard. While women don’t attack great importance to the appearance of the men they marry — it’s rather more economic promise and future security than looks — men pay a great deal of attention to beautiful girls. And, as beautiful girls also happen to be above the average in intelligence, then they have much easier access than men to make it into the social elite.

In the increasingly meritocratic society of the post-industrial world, we are already seeing the emergence of a social. political and business elite — this time, unlike former times, it’s quite a sizeable one of about 20% to 25% of the population. Although larger than at any previous time in history it is becoming, if anything, even more difficult to gain access to.

Except for beautiful girls! They alone will help to keep up the numbers and quality of the social elite as opposed to to the majority of the population which is not only floundering during a period of increasing automation but is also suffering decreasing numbers due to smaller family sizes and also vastly increasing numbers of singletons unable to afford starting a family.

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