The wastage of nuclear weapons

Peace between America and Russia was barely held for 45 years and only then because of the mutually destructive effects of nuclear weapons. But now they’re out of date because an even more extreme weapon — hacking — is now possible. In the event of a hacking attack that renders a country’s electricity grid inoperable, it’s not just the principal cities that would be taken out but the whole country and, of course. its defensive and offensive systems.

This means that this coming Monday’s debate in the House of Commons on whether to update the UK’s Trident fleet — four submarine armed with nuclear missiles — ought to be unnecessary. However, the debate will still be held and the government will still win the vote to carry out an update because, as always — like all very large ‘mature’ organisations — the government is at least a generation behind the times.

In Scotland, however — where the submarines happen to be berthed — the Scottish National Party have come out strongly against them.  When the SNP achieve total independence for Scotland they’ll want the submarines removed to a port in England. This is not because the Scottish are more rational than the British, but nuclear weaponry is a useful stick with which the SNP can whack the Westminster government.

All the above, plus a credulous public — always manipulable when wars and weapons are considered — plus the American manufacturers of nuclear weapons lobbying behind the scenes will ensure that enormous amounts of money will continue to be wasted for many more years yet.

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