One of the last gasps of Isil?

The Bastille Day attack last night is the latest tragedy to hit France with, at the time of writing, 70 people killed and 100 injured. A large truck mowing them down has the mark of having been an opportunistic attack from the few details known at so far.  If so, with only one terrorist involved, then it is similar — though far more devastating — than recent (Isil) attacks of an amateurish nature in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Isil is losing ground in Syria and, from recent accounts, in Libya also — to which the leaders of Isis fled some months ago. All the above attacks seemed to have been encouraged, but not able to be organised in detail. It looks as though all these belong to Isil’s dying gasps. Terrible events will continue in Iraq no doubt, but these, essentially Sunni attacks on Shias, were going on even before Isil came into existence.

One thought on “One of the last gasps of Isil?

  1. Well, it’s time for “truck-control” — that is, if the logic behind seeking gun-control is to be followed consistently after a terrorist attack.

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