Turning our attention elsewhere

The vote to leave the EU has had tremendous effects on English and Scottish politics. What might it have had in Europe itself? Pretty substantial, one imagines. Anti-EU parties which have sprung up from nowhere in several EU countries since the immigration issues of the last couple of years will now be much encouraged by England’s — though perhaps not Scotland’s — departure.

Will there be another breakaway attempt? Several without a doubt, but the one that’s likely to proceed fairly soon, though not so ‘tidily’ as ours, will be in the most individualistic country of them all — Italy. Deeply in trouble economically, particularly in the condition of its banks, it will be needing large bailouts from the European Central Bank quite soon — in other words, subsidies from Germany’s taxpayers.

There isn’t the remotest chance that Italy will be helped — or, being a relatively much larger country than Greece, could be helped — so when our media settle down a bit and our negotiators start work in back offices it will be interesting to hear more about events in that country.

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