High jinks but little satisfaction

If the Labour party are in turmoil the Tory party has now become sweetness and light with the resignation of Andrea Leadsom from the contest against Theresa May for the leadership. The latter will now quickly become the Prime Minister of the country.

May could continue as PM until a 2020 general election if she wished but she could also decide to call for an early general election — and very soon perhaps — to take advantage of the chaos in the Labour Party in order to gain a larger majority in the House of Commons.

She might have to anyway due to the 56 Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) presently elected as UK MPs. This is a situation which any non-Briton would say — quite rightly — is crazy. If UK negotiations with Brussels go well (from he EU Leavers’ point of view) then the SNP will call vigorously for another Scottish Independence referendum in order to make the separation from England complete and for the SNP to make its own arrangements with the EU — in which it wants to remain.

It’s all very complicated, and will be replete with unexpected shocks along the way no doubt. It will all be very exciting to politicians at Westminster, senior civil servants in Whitehall and thousands of media journalists in London but it will do nothing to reassure the English — that is, those who live and work outside London — that anybody is giving much thought as to their future.

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