The ladies will give the edge

Gay marriages has come up as a difference between Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom in their leadership bid to be the next UK Prime Minister. May voted with the government in passing the Same Sex Couples Act, 2013, whereas Leadsom abstained.

Leadsom didn’t have any objection against homosexuals being married as such but only in the wording of the Act as though the ceremony is part and parcel of the Christian tradition. She was quite right. State acceptance and necessary registration of marriage is secular only. It is a take-over from church marriage.

But Andrea Leasom is not right more fundamentally because, for most couples, church marriage became popular as a celebration of social status and which was at its peak during Victorian times. Back in the Middle Ages most people married by simply moving to set up home together. Only people with wealth –usually only the groom, of course — got married in church because it was only there that there were enough Latin scholars who could act for both spouses in drawing up a business contract.

Journalists will continue to ferret out more differences — if they can find them — between the two candidates during July and August. Nothing of note will emerge for a while until they’ve both assembled their chief advisors who’ll help them to draw up a strategic plan for when one of them will be in charge of negotiating with EU officialdom.

Any differences will no doubt confuse most of us — as during the original Referendum campaign. But, as said before, the May-Leadsom vote will be mainly determined by their television personalities and when they speak at local Tory associations. Women Tory members, being more numerous than the men — and being a lot more perceptive — will probably give the decisive edge.

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