Haunting Tony Blair for years yet

Two interesting things came out of the BBC’s Questiontime on Thursday night. Firstly, George Galloway revealed that Alex Salmond MP appears to be leading a cross-party group of MPs who are taking legal advice as to impeachment proceedings against Tony Blair for leading the House of Commons into the Iraq invasion in 2003 on the flimsiest of evidence. Worse, that on 28 July 2002 he’d already written a private commitment to George Bush long before the House of Commons debated the matter.

Secondly, that the audience at Brighton — no doubt a carefully balanced one as usual — agreed with acclamation that something should be done. I have never seen a Questiontime quite so responsive and united as this one was.

On the first point, I don’t believe that the House of Commons will agree to impeachment proceedings. That was possible in Victorian times, not so today.

On the second point, such is the anger of the hundreds of parents whose sons were killed and injured in Iraq, mainly for lack of sufficient equipment, that they won’t rest until other serious legal charges are taken against Tony Blair. There’ll be more than enough public donations to employ top flight legal counsel and take this to the Supreme Court sooner or later.

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