Greece is really a tragedy

What a laugh! Greece, with more than enough troubles with the EU, is ready to sign up an arms deal with Russia. Gosh, won’t this upset NATO leaders meeting in Warsaw today! Bang goes any European united front against Russia.

Why is it a laugh? Because artillery — and even ballistic — warfare is out of date. Neither dare be undertaken in any sort of major episode because of large scale, and possibly, total mutual destruction. If there is outbreak between the major powers, first-strike electronic warfare will decide the outcome so much more quickly and without loss of property.

Most of the tension between the great powers is mainly playacting. Neither NATO nor Russia sought to expand the problems in eastern Ukraine, despite all the public posturing.

Greece is not really a laughing matter, of course. But what is much more to the point as far as Greece is concerned, is that the EU has done nothing constructive to help Greece since it joined. It has imposed draconian policies which may be appropriate for highly disciplined countries like Finland or Germany but not for laid-back Mediterranean countries like Greece.

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