The boot is on the UK foot

The boot is on the UK foot

Sajid Javid, the UK Business Secretary is now flying the world setting up preliminary discussions for future trade deals with countries outside the EU. Once negotiations for leaving the EU are over, more than enough trade deals may be able to be quickly signed that will more than compensate for any diminution of trade with the EU.

Besides, our trade with the EU has been steadily declining for the past ten years. Even so, our exports to the EU are more important to them than their smaller exports are to us.

Considering that the EU has found it impossible to set up a centralised budgeting authority that will override EU countries’ own Treasury Departments then the EU itself has a hollow centre which means that it can never be what ot wants to be, a super-nation-state, a United States of Europe.

In our forthcoming negotiations with the EU we’ve no need to sudffer any undue pain. It will be the EU pleading with us to stay rather than making it awkward for us to leave. The boot is on the other foot.

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