A politician commits hara-kiri

Michael Gove’s disloyalty towards his friend David Cameron, his treachery towards Boris Johnson and the final bit of nastiness towards Andrea Leadsom has been a three-step regress as a career politician.

During the Referendum campaign he told David Cameron that although he was in favour of leaving the EU he wouldn’t publicise his difference. Instead, he turned out a 2,000 word manifesto in favour of leaving the EU and gave as much publicity in support of Boris Johnson as the latter could wish.

Then, when Cameron resigned after the Leave EU vote, Gove then turned against Johnson in saying publicly that the latter wasn’t a good team player. Johnson then dropped out of the running.

Finally, Gove allowed an e-mail to go to fellow MPs who were supporters of Andrea Leadsom. This was intended to change their vote to him in order that he would do better than Leadsom against Theresa May in the final Tory-wide country ballot. This may have been normal shenanigans for politicians in Westminster but such deviousness only confirms what many of the public think of many of their MPs.

It’s not often that a politician self-destructs quite so systematically — or so publicly! — as Michael Gove, but that’s what he’s done.

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