More on clumsy educationalists

Lawrence de Bivort has thrown a question to me after my my posting yesterday “The clumsy Department of Education again”. The question is — “Wouldn’t this leave poorly educated parents to make poor educational decisions for their children?”

I suggest that “poorly educated parents” are not synonyms for poor choosers. They are surely as good observers as most people as to what happens to the children who go to one school or another — what sort of universities they go to, or what sort of jobs do they get, and so on. Poorly educated parents may be at the bottom of the social pecking order but they are not averse to being promoted upwards — if not for themselves but for their children.

In this country, secondary schools are being rapidly released from day-to-day recruitment control from local authorities. What it will mean is that more people who are retired specialists — particularly in the sciences — or mothers who have successfully raised children of their own can be brought in as teaching assistants and will prove to be natural teachers. What’s badly needed now is to release secondary schools from the month-to-month, year-to-year curriculum control by the centralised Department of Education and its persistent policy changes in teaching methods.

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