Getting rid of racial inequality

The latest police shooting in the head of a black American in Bacon Rouge is yet more evidence that America still has a distorted racial policy — as does this country and, indeed, all ‘liberal’ advanced countries which pretend that there are no racial differences.

In this country we not only have a Caribbean and African black minority, we also have a distinctly different Muslim minority — and there is as little love lost between them as there is between indigenous whites and both darker skinned races. When will our politicians and our politically correct pseudo-intellectuals grasp reality?

Group cohesion and loyalty is a very strong instinct. Place blacks and white in the same working group with a common objective and they’ll work together happily. However, in their leisure time when blacks tend to live with blacks and whites with whites then there’s a huge difference in their emotional behaviour. Cultural differences — due to epigenetic as well as genetic inheritance — remains.

The differences take many generations to subside — until there is more or less total intermarriage, or as much as is not ostensible. What to do about the regular killings of blacks in America? All police patrols should be 50:50 black and white. Failing that — and it has failed so far because they can’t recruit enough blacks — then recruit purely whie and purely black policemen to patrol their respective communities.

In due course, after enough generations of intermarriage there’ll be no racial differences any longer just as in this country there are no discernible differences between English people with a Celtic ancestry or a Danish ancestry.

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