A woman Prime Minister for certain

In the Tory MP’s second ballot this afternoon, Michael Gove came last leaving only Theresa May (199 votes) and Andrea Leadsom (84 votes) to go forward for the vote of Tory Party members in the country. The main difference between them so far is that Theresa May was in favour of remaining in the EU — albeit tepidly — while Andrea Leadsom was campaigning to leave the EU from the start of the Referendum campaign.

Theresa May, 60, has had over 30 years of politics and many years as a Minister, latterly as Home Secretary, a very difficult role. Andrea Leadsom, 53, is new to politics –elected only in 2005 — but has had 30 years experience in finance, latterly at a high level. She has served only briefly at Ministerial level.

More than their policies it will be how their personalities resonate with the 150,000 members of the Tory Party as to which one wins in the final vote in September. They now have two months to go around the country and speak to local Tory associations.

Most of the members are in their middle-to-old age and there will be somewhat more women than men. It’s anybody guess at this stage who might be favourite. Now that the Tory Party is committed to leaving the EU, the vote will go to the candidate who can convince her hearers that she will be the better person to drive our negotiators to the best possible outcomes.

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