Two stately ladies

Now that Michael Gove has been treacherous to his erstwhile friend, Boris Johnson, and, in fact, caused him to retire from being being a candidate, Andrea Leadsom is now coming through as a replacement. It’s looking as though Tory Party members in the country will be deciding between her and Theresa May as their leader, and thus becoming the new Prime Minister.

Maybe, whichever one is chosen, the other will be Deputy PM. This is highly likely if Theresa May becomes PM because she was in the EU Remain camp while Andrea Leadsom was an EU Leaver — and a principal one, too, from the start of the Referendum campaign — and this would pacify any grumblers in the electorate when negotiations start with EU commissioners.

Therasa May has the advantage because, when the shortlist of five is reduced to two, she’s had more chance to gather pledges from fellow Tory MPs than Andrea Leadsom. May has had more ministerial experience than Leadsom, while the latter has had more experience in finance. May is married but childless — is it because she’s been a high-powered career woman and decided not to have children? — while Leadsom is married with three children. Being a family person is an unspoken, but decidedly important factor among men candidates in these sexually delicate days.

There we are then, a better pair than the Johnson-Gove set-up of only — astonishingly! — two days ago. Both of the men saw themselves as high intellectuals. So they might be but they’ve both also revealed personality issues about themselves. In contrast both May and Leadsom have shown ‘statesman’-like calmness in the last few days and will hopefully remain so in the coming months and years when negotiating with EU tigers in Brussels.

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