More (farcical) complications with Putin?

Russia is reported to be attacking groups in Syria which are against Isil. Now that Isil is all but finished — except in Mosul for the time being — I think we’ll find that Russia will be doing a lot of bombing against any group opposing Assad.

Now that Russia’s athletes have been excluded from the Olympic Games, I think we can take it that Western negotiators who are trying to form some sort of post civil-war government in Syria will get little short-change from Putin. A ‘mini Cold War’ is in the offing.

While Obama might want to play it down — in order to get more golf in during his remaining months — we can be certain that Hillary Clinton will make a meal of it.  What with Donald Trump’s supposed approval of Putin, then the next few months could be a real farce. Meanwhile, America’s economy continues to flounder and the inscrutable Chinese continue to quietly forge ahead!

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