During the weekend

Parliament has been recalled for Monday when MPs will pay their respect to the memory of Jo Cox. Decency would not allow the Referendum arguments to revive on that day, so we are only to have two more days of political campaigning, sotto voce no doubt, before the vote on Thursday.

The press are observing the weekend embargo, though pure news is still appears. IMF’s report, out today, is antithetical to Britain leaving the EU, as expected. Also, but this time unexpectedly, Lord Guthrie, ex-Field Marshall and head of the Defence staff, has come out this morning against remaining in the EU since he’s learned that an EU Army is being planned.

One point that might come up during the weekend is whether Jo Cox’s assassination will have an effect on the vote. At the time, the intended Leave vote was slightly ahead of the Remain vote. Will it now swing one way or the other decisively? It could be.

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