The Florida mass shooting — what must be done now

The mass shooting in Florida, which happened 90 minutes ago, and killed over 40 people will set up yet another clamour from many Americans that guns should be heavily regulated. According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, this was the 373rd mass shooting in the past year. Some 475 people have been killed in total and 1,870 wounded.

The Florida shooting is not going to change very much. For one thing, the gun culture is still too recent and too deep in America — President Obama has already tried to do something about it more energetically than any other president. He hasn’t achieved anything apart from some trivial regulations. For another, America is the most socially troubled of all the advanced countries at a time when we are fast leaving economies based on manufacturing behind us and trying to adjust to an altogether new era with new circumstances.

It is the latter which need far more investigation — not anything to do with the legalities and sociology of gun ownership.  If it weren’t guns there are other methods, as we know in the Middle East, of terorrism. The main problem is that the new era is fast side-lining increasing tranches of the population, particularly young people. Altogether new educational methods and new patterns of social living will have to evolve in due course and it would be well to try and understand what these might be rather than to rely on what are now broken methods of governmental control.

One thought on “The Florida mass shooting — what must be done now

  1. It’s not guns. They’re merely the instrument. It’s ideology. That same Islamic ideology kills in far larger numbers – all kinds of innocents, not just gays – in Islamic countries. The motivation is Islam which brainwashes the ignorant to mass murder.

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