Jailing an arch-paedophile

The BBC Home page today gives full spread prominence to the jailing of Richard Huckle in Malaysia after admitting 71 charges against children in Malaysia. He was given 22 life sentences and will serve a minimum term of 23 years. Apparently — hard to believe — one of his ‘subjects’ was a 6-month old baby! At the time of his arrest by the National Crime Agency, he was compiling a paedophile’s manual.

We know from ancient literature that there has always been homosexuality of both the male and female sort but it has always been a minority pursuit, even in ancient Greece and Sparta. So long as it’s voluntary between consenting adolescents or adults and they are reticent about expressing it in pubic — as we expect heterosexual behaviour to be also — then no harm is done.

But the forced seduction of a younger person — particularly during the impressionable years of adolescence — by an older experienced adult can leave lifelong trauma and sometimes a ruined normal sex life from then onwards is not to be tolerated.

However, Richard Huckle’s attempt at a paedophile manual is a reminder that modern life appears to be producing a huge largely hidden world of homosexual and heterosexual exploitation of the worst sort — particularly in this country in and around local authority care homes.

As far as can be judged from historians writing about the subject, sexual perversities of the worst sort are being practised to an extent as never before. All that can be hoped for is that as we leave the present urban dominated industrial era — highly individualized and anonymized — for the next one then sexual matters get closer to normalcy.

2 thoughts on “Jailing an arch-paedophile

  1. Somehow we have normalized an “anything goes” behaviour. This allows those who are clearly unbalanced to move about and “do their thing”. This person who is putting together a pedophile manual should be removed from society.

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