The same immigration rule for all

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have jointly declared that migrants will be barred from entering Britain unless they have skills that the country needs and can speak English. Despite the intensive, and repeated, fear campaign of the last two months, no doubt orchestrated by the Brussels bureaucrats and emanating from one official body after another as well as politicians, the opinion polls have now turned in favour of the Leave EU lobby.

Whether the Johnson-Gove statement was taking advantage of the poll change is difficult to say — probably — but at least, the main issue, immigration, is no longer being buried by both the Leave and Remain lobbies. It was hidden away so far because the leaders of both lobbies were, and are, members of governments, Labour and Tory, that encourage mass immigration.

We’re now into entirely new territory (!) — that of the instinctive antipathy of one group, region, culture or nation to the entry of large numbers of others. Johnson and Gove are now allowing the mass of the public to express their feelings. If the Leave EU lobby wins in the Referendum on 23 June then the general public can share what the social elite already does in penny numbers for foreign professional and business individuals wanting to join them.

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