Politicians are falling into the same credibility chasm

In the present Referendum debate in this country — and no doubt in the Presidential election in November in America — the politicians persist in the same aggressive shouting matches of which their electorates have been complaining for years.

“We want facts,” they cried. Well . . . three or four weeks ago we got them. A plethora of facts from both sides. The trouble was that they were so dubious, even devious, from both sides tht they quickly became recognizable as untrustworthy. If anything the chasm of credibility is wider than ever.

The basic problem with the type of one one-person one-vote elections is that this was developed in the 19th century when there were only one or two important issues at any one time — the cost of tariffs on important grain, or the length of the working week.

Today we have at least a dozen current issues. The simple left=right adversarial type politics won’t work any longer and we need to devise a new system of election — something that combines the expertise of the civil service together with the emotional nature of ambitious individuals with high testosterone.

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