On not preaching evolution

According to a recent study — so far, only in Arizona — most professors of biology don’t believe it’s their job for their students to accept the theory of evolution, only to understand it. Does this mean that some students in America learn enough about evolution — in order to pass an exam perhaps — but don’t actually believe that it happened — indeed, still happens?

Apparently so. Evolution seems to be a highly sensitive topic in America where more people than not call themselves Christians of various sorts, many evangelical sects being strongly opposed to evolution. Muslims are also not supposed to believe in evolution either. In both cases I don’t blame the professors for not flogging a dead horse.

The senior author of the study, Sara Brownell, an assistant professor at Arizona State University — who now wants to extend her study across all American States — says: “Why would we want to teach evolution, if we don’t want our students to accept it?”

Does she want a religious-type ‘born-again’ conversion to evolutionism? It’s then in danger of becoming something that can be twisted into an ideology, such as the ‘master race’ Nazis of 1930s Germany. This is not how culture actually proceeds from generation to generation.

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