Only part-relief

Leaflets are now being air-dropped by American planes into Raqqa, hitherto the Isil headquarters in Syria, telling citizens to flee. Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are now closing in on the city. This can only be the beginning of the end for Isil in Syria and Iraq.

Indeed, the most senior leadership of Isil had already left Raqqa last year for Libya. There also, similar coalitions of forces are slowly building up to fight the 5,000 jihadists.

At long last, it looks as though the Isil terrorism of the last two years is now coming to an end. However, two problems remain: (a) the mutual hatred between Sunnism and Shiaism — that is, Saudi Arabia and Iran — is building up, not declining, (b) a multi-$billion industry of human traficking now has routes deep into Asia and Africa where there are millions of potential economic migrants desperately wanting jobs in Europe.

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