What made America so great?

1. It was fortunate enough to discover large oil fields on its own soil during the same period when it had massive investment from Britain with which to develop the railways;

2. It was able to be a huge supply nation to European countries during the First World War — even to both sides (gun cotton) simultaneously in the early stages;

3. From its post-First World War years of prosperity and onwards it was able to recruit the cream of British and German scientific brains.

America is now three nations — social elite, white majority, African-American minority — with a fourth, Hispanics, well on the way. If Trump becomes President I wonder how he’ll restore America’s former greatness?

One thought on “What made America so great?

  1. You have listed the ingredients. What’s missing is the recipe and the cooks who are good at following a great recipe.

    What made the US great was the foundation of liberty and free enterprise that it was built on. That foundation has been eroded over time but it is better than most other large country’s.

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