Reaching our overshoot

Because our daily lives in urban and suburban society are as full as they’re ever going to be, then any new product can only make headway by cannibalizing — completely or partially — on the time and energy previously devoted to the existing products.

In this light, then the 2008 Crash may not have been so much a catastrophic end to a dysfunctional monetary system as a winding down of the world trading system — a premature winding down — something that would have happened anyway over a longer period of years.

Considering that China’s exports of consumer goods are now tailing off we may now take it that the fundamental laws of thermodynamics apply — as they always must — and, in particular, the trading system is now finding its minimal effort of proceeding. That billions of people now alive on earth will be unrequited is beside the point, just as it’s always been whenever any other species has overshot its numbers.

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