Our duty is to our automated economy

Libya’s new Prime Minister — that is, one who was installed by America and Britain — says that he’s now been abandoned. The West “has a duty” to help him.

No country has a duty to hep any other. There is no such thing as ‘duty’ other than it is an expectation that is enforced by a stronger predator whether from within a family, or group, or nation, or from the outside. It is, in fact, the ‘help’ and interference of advanced governments over others that has caused most of the problems — such as gross over-population and under-nourishment — of the present-day world.

Rarely has man treated man quite so badly as when men, women and children were treated in their millions during the 1780-1850 period in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We’ve paid the price — or, hopefully, most of it — already. If we have a duty then it is to adjust to the inevitable fully-automated economy of the coming years as untraumatically as possible. We will need all our concentration for that, never mind imagining that we can help others.

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