Cleverer females

Five in six colleges and universities in this country now have more female than male students. Within a few years it will be all of them, the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) has calculated.

It’s all changed from as recently as 20 years ago when women’s lib had not yet penetrated schoolgirls minds sufficiently — persuading them that they can be as clever as boys in every speciality. It has now! What’s now being exposed is something that only neuroscientists were fully aware of 20 years ago. Women’s brains mature, on average, two to three years ahead of men’s brains. Women going to college or university at 18 are considerably brighter than their male peers. The males don’t catch up un til they are nearer 30.

The HEPI is recommending that “more institutions consider setting themselves targets for male recruitment in future.” How pathetic! Does it think that this will do anything at all? What’s needed is either (a) the setting of different standards of exams taken at 18, or (b) Widening the age band of those taking entrance exams. The second seems a far better solution to me.

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